United Mailing Services has been a leader in the pre-sort industry for over 30 years. United Mailing Services is focused on offering postage savings to our customers achieved through a work share partnership with the USPS.  We have been a Seamless Acceptance mailer since 2017!

United Mailing Services has 5 locations servicing the state of Wisconsin, with our home office located in Brookfield WI. United Mailing Services processes over 2 million pieces of discounted mail daily by commingling mail from over 1,500 daily customers located throughout the Midwest. Our customers are from many industries; Insurance, Government, Public Utilities, Health Care, Financial Institutions, Education, Printers and everything in between, including small local businesses.

United Mailing Services achieves discounts by processing mail through optical character readers (OCR’s) to meet USPS regulations. Our high-speed sorters first read the human readable address block and place an Intelligent Mail Bar code on the piece making it an automation compatible piece. This process is required to achieve the greatest postage savings.

The USPS offers these postage discounts to all business mailers regardless of mail volume. United Mailing Services has embraced this USPS rule by offering our service to mailers of all sizes, from large volume to very small volume mailers. United Mailing Services allows individual mailers the ability to achieve large mailing discount levels by working mail into daily commingled mailings.

United Mailing Services processes daily first class mail and standard mailings consisting of letters, flats, and parcels. Our standard mailings consist of both profit and non-profit customers. No matter what your mailing needs are, United Mailing Services has a solution. If you have questions about your mail, problems understanding USPS regulations, or are looking to achieve postage savings, give United Mailing Services the opportunity to prove to you that we are experts who can help you save more on your mailing needs.