More than thirty years ago, United Mailing Services, Inc. got its start in the owner’s basement. That was in 1989 when mail was sorted by hand. Since then UMS and the United States Postal Service has gone through many changes. By 1997 UMS expanded throughout the entire state of Wisconsin. Being a privately owned business, which does work share with the United States Postal Service, UMS has become a leader in the automation industry.


UMS serves hundreds of clients, ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies throughout Wisconsin. In 2011 we expanded business once again by offering high-speed digital color print to better serve the needs of our customers.


As postage rates continue to escalate, more and more businesses are looking for ways to reduce mailing cost. United Mailing Services is the solution. We provide services for any size or type of mailing to accommodate your needs. United Mailing Services, Inc. continues to provide a one-stop shop for all your mailing and digital printing needs!


  • It is our goal at United Mailing Services to be a straight-forward business, honest, and faithful to our customers and to our employees
  • It is our goal to be the leader in our field; to be the best-managed, most qualified pre-sort bureau in the business
  • It is our goal to provide and sell the best services in ways that generate maximum profits, thereby assuring the future of the company and the employment opportunities here
  • It is our goal to treat our co-workers and our customers fairly and with respect, so that all of us can enjoy a good quality of life
  • It is our goal to build and expand this company together, with all employees benefitting from the result of hard work and dedication
  • It is our goal to provide an “open door” policy for our co-workers which will allow them to contribute to their own personal satisfaction from their work and contribute to our company’s growth
  • It is our goal for everyone employed by United Mailing Services to contribute to the good quality of services we provide for our customers